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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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middle east. he wrapped up a news conference with palestinian leader abbas as new violence rocks the region. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, is monitoring the trip. >> right now, president obama and palestinian prime minister are visiting a youth center. thethe young people are the rean the palestinians and israels cannot give up on peace said the president. but there was no peace, israeli police say mill taps fired rockets into southern israel and you can see the damage if this video. no one was hurt. israeli tv is saying israel will respond to the rockets but they did not specify how or when. >> president obama has been if the west bank if several hours this morning and he and president abbas had a working lunch and the news conference. president abbas describes the talks as "good" and president obama says change is possible but it will take time.
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>> what is true in the united states can be true here as well. we can make the changes but they will be have to be determined. we have to counsel. -- we have to have courage and break out of the old arguments. >> in israel, president obama and israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, visited the jerusalem museum home to the dead sea scrolls. they stepped by a tech expo, as well. the president runs to jerusalem later today and will give a speech to israeli young people and tonight there is a state dinner. >> developing news, police are searching for a long time bay area baseball coach wanted on an arrest warrant in contra costa county. the 52-year-old joel kaufman is wanted for molesting a teen boy and secretly filming another boy in a bathroom. some charges date back eight
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years. there could be other victims. joel kaufman coaches a traveling baseball team for those boys based in san jose. we will have more in the next half hour. >> in beforeally activistses calling attention to a type of building found across the bay area. the buildings are in danger of collapsing during an earthquake the. >> imagine someone saying if there is an earthquake your home is not safe. that is the message tenants getting. this apartment building is on dwight way and it is not up to code. the focus is on so-called soft story structures, buildings with large openings on the ground level for garages built in the 50's and 60's, and it has been on the books to require the landlords do bring the buildings to code but many are just not
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moving fast enough. now, there is a door-to-door of the to get the word out to tenants. >> did you know we this building is not safe? >> i d. >> you moved in any way? >> my friends convinced me. >> at any moment the tons of concrete could crush me and kill thousands of people. we are stuck in bureaucratic maze. we are going nowhere. >> the city housing will meet on monday and talk about the retrofitting and how to jump start the process. if you want to learn more of the status of your home or apartment go to with important information. >> 6:30. we are less than a week away from the elimination of toll
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takers from the golden gate bridge and we are learning officials want to increase the maximum speed through toll lanes from the current 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour. the adviced speed for fast track right now is just five miles per hour. a hearing will be held this morning to discuss the issue. >> focusing on michelle shock talking about antigay comments she made during a performance if san francisco. in a statement she said "i do not or have i ever said or believe that god hates homosexuals and to the fans who are disappointed by what they heard or thing i said i am very sorry." half the audience walked out after an antigay slur during the performance on sunday at yoshi's and said it was meant to describe how in people feel. many shows have been canceled. >> coming up on 6:07 and the author starbucks is starting to
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lure more customers to the loyalty program. >> survey reveals how california feels about a new controversial project. >> traffic is moving
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>> on this thursday, look how clear the air is as we look from the tower at san francisco to the east bay hills. we have unlimited visibility.
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we will talk about our temperatures today. they are going to be about the same as yesterday but inland they will be warmer, mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 60's away the bay and mid-50's at the coast. it will be breezy in the higher elevation and near bodies of water. same today but two to six degrees warmer and we will have high clouds and sunshine and calmer conditions for saturday and sunday. >> if your travels take you to san mateo on the bridge you can see the take lights are headed in the flat section westbound toward the high-rise sluggish there. looking at 20-minute delay. back to the santa cruz mountains we have an injury accident fortunately, a tow truck is on the way there and you can see you have slow traffic coming off of the summit and northbound before red wood estates, the left lane is block and the tow truck is en route, and it is slow from antioch, 11 miles per
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hour moving toward railroad avenue and fortunately through pittsburg it picks up. the drive times 580 from the tracy area, 17 northbound, 40 minutes scotts valley to san jose and 80 east shore freeway but still 15 minutes to the macarthur maze. >> new this morning, california is putting on the brights -- brakes in support of the high-speed rail with only 43 percent of voters now supporting the project. 54 percent are opposed. the poll comes in the same week that the high-speed rail authority authorized the sale of $8.6 billion in bonds, which will help build the first leg of the rail project set to be in the central valley. >> the smartphone wars are heating up. ahead the set back for the company trying to take a bite out of apple's iphone. out of apple's iphone. >> what starbucks isys of walkig
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> at 6:14 on this thursday, this is the cooler weather we talked about from four degrees cooler in livermore and to seven in oakland and san francisco at six degrees cooler. napa and santa rosa, ten and nine degrees cooler so we are at 38 in southeast, -- santa rosa, and 44 in los gatos, and mountain view and fremont and san carlos at 48. temperatures hang out in the 50's by noon under sunny skies and away from the coast we are in the low-to-mid 60's and breezy at times. eric? >> 6:00 -- 6:15.
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a leukemia treatment is showing promising results with patients' own immune cells fighting a deadly form of leukemia with one patient cancer free after eight days of treatment. >> this is how it works. >> using a patients' own immune system to treat cancer. five parents had untreatable cancer and they use advisor russ -- a virus to inject the cancer cells. >> all patients went into remission. the researchers will have much more on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> german airliner is on strike now and has canceled 40 percent of the flights. we did check and so far the strike is not affecting flights
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at sfo but it is leaving long lines at the frankfurt airport, the home base. the union representing 33,000 workers is demanding a 5 percent pay raise. they want to freeze pay and get staff to pay more each week. >> giants is trying to get more to sign up to loyalty program letting customers earn points when they buy starbucks, members have to sign on to accounts online and enter a code on the starbucks coffee bag, they predict they will have 9 million members in the loyalty program by the end of the year. right new there are six million. >> low for blackberry as the new phone is set to be released this weeks sources inside the department of defense say that the military will soon be trading in blackberrys for iphones. the d.o.d. is set to order 500,000 iphones and ipads, previous reports claim that
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blackberry is a casualty of the sequester and the pentagon cannot afford to give a new platform a thorough security check. >> now the weather forecast. what do you think we will see later today? >> a lot of sunshine. not so gray as year. as we head throughout the next couple of days, it looks like temperatures are near average to not before as we roll through the next couple of days and into the weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd, all is dry this morning so we will talk about what will happen this forecast cycle, mostly sunny, with dry breezes today. mild highs through the weekend and a chance of rain next tuesday and wednesday, but another light chance like we had yesterday outside the north bay which took the wet weather. from mount tamalpais this morning, a few plains are out there as people are out and about traveling around. maybe they are traveling for business, would knows?
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at this hour it is urgely business. an that rose at eight degrees warmer and concord is six, and inland we have the biggest jump in temperatures. oakland and san francisco and hayward and san jose a degree or two of where you were yesterday. the cold front while you were sleeping it slid to the south and high pressure moved in behind it and that is going to dominate our weather pattern steering everything to the north. today, it will bring us dry air, more sunshine, and breezy again near the ocean and the bayshore line and higher elevations above 2,000 feet. in the santa clara valley, today, mid-to-upper 60's with los gatos and morgan hill at warmest at 67 and mainly mid-60's on the peninsula and a lot of 65's and palo alto and headed over to the coast, it will be cooler but you will see sunshine and upper 50's, and we will have low 60's around downtown and south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley and upper 50's at the beaches and mid-60's
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along the east bay shore from 65 to san leandro and san ramon is the cool spot in the east bay valley and 63 and jumping to 68 in concord and brentwood and tonight the pleases will taper enough to make it cooler and dry and less cloud cover upper 30's to low 40's inland and low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore to the coast. the accweather seven-day outlook , up to six degrees warmer and high clouds and sunshine saturday and sunday and increasing clouds on monday and cooler wet on tuesday and wednesday with a light chance of rain. sue? >> i wanted it show you our exclusive traffic app, and this is the santa cruz mountains highway 17, northbound, where we have the accident, just before redwood estates the traffic spotter is confirming everything is at a complete standstill, the right lane is blocked, rather, the left lane is blocked and the right lane is partly blocked.
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old redwood highway is the best alternate but it, still, is not great. you can download this for free at apple app and google play and the bay bridge, incline section, we have a stall and an accident with crews on the scene trying to push that off and you are seeing sluggish traffic behind that on the incline section. the metering lights are on. >> if you plan on watching the march madness games at work, thing again, the sports crackdown some employers are taking. >> tiger woods reveals new details on the romantic relationship with lindsey vonn and the reason he finally went public. >> today on "katie"ests to bring attention to young women in need we at 3:00 p.m. right here on we at 3:00 p.m. right here on abc7 it seems our angels have been busy ilding a new, stronger so it holds up better, kind of angel soft®.
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>> good tuesday morning, a live look from our camera to the city of san francisco, a clear sky there and sunny later today. i will let mike fill you in on the details. >> prominent californians are part of the hall of fame. >> the state of california proudly honors joe montana.
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>> 49ers legend joe montana, number 16 headlines the group, quaterbacked san francisco to four super bowl titles. the hall of fame welcomed the actor warren beatty and united farm workers cofounder. >> new details on the possible run of actor harrison ford to "star wars" in an interview with a chicago tv station he was asked if the reuniting with the original cast mates said "i think it is almost true" but he did caution the return isn't in the bag just yet. lucas is never confirming or denying they are running for "star wars" which is now owned by disney the. >> new details on the relationship between tiger woods and skiing champion, lindsey
6:23 am
vonn with the first public comments yesterday at the arnold palmer invitational saying they decided to go public and release photos of themselves together to limit the so-called stalking resolution and added by releasing photos the two of d valuing anything photographers may shoot so hopfully that will discourage them from shooting. >> march madness frenzy is underway and now the debate is whether the basketball is hurting productivity. twitter would make highlights of every game available on the website and for a small fee users could live stream every game to the ipad, iphone or computer. some i.t. professionals cracking down and a survey finds that what of the professionals plan on blocking the video feeds or blocking the content altogether. >> and st. mary's plays memphis
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in auburn hills, michigan, after beating middle tennessee state in ohio on tuesday night in the first round game. 12000 seeded cal starts at h.p. pavilion against unlv with the bears practicing yesterday. the tip-off at at 4:47, they edged out cal by one point in december the. >> but cal will not have to travel very far to get to san jose. >> big way a community is coming together following the deaths of two beloved officers. >> the lights go identity in san francisco overnight in one neighborhood. what we are now being told i ought about getting the power restored. >> the owner of batting cages in san leandro is wanted on child molestation charges but the police cannot find hill. more on this baseball coach
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coming up. >> mostly clear this morning as we look to the east from the tower in san francisco, and look at this baby roller coaster of temperatures coming up next week , we have a chance of rain next week with the seven-day outlook. >> the traffic center is looking at the bay bridge in the middle of the screen with flashing lights of an accident trying to get cleared to treasure island and the damage is done very slow and also an accident in the santa cruz mountains near the summit and we will update
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:29 on this thursday. as we wake up, this is what we will find our mount tamalpais
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camera showing you a few clouds in the bay area but a dry morning and easier commute for everyone and sunny afternoon for all. thanks positive joining us. >> more details now from mike. >> we will look at live doppler 7 hd and you will be happy to see it is dry this morning compared to yesterday's commute. as far as what is going on today, we will break down the day around the bay: mild this morning with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's. well hang out in the 60's this afternoon but a breeze in the afternoon hours especially along the bay shoreline. it will be bright in the evening before the sun sets at 58. inland we are cooler and temperature in the low to his 40's and sunny at 59 and breezy in our higher elevation and 66, mid-60's in the afternoon, clear for that sunset at 60 degrees. toward the coast, we have mainly clear conditions a few clouds this morning and 47, and breezy
6:29 am
here, the fastest breeze at our beaches and 50 and sunny at 53. sunny at 7:00, we are going to have a gorgeous sunset so dress warmly at 50 degrees. sue? >> in the santa cruz mountains an accident before redwood estates and traffic is building, old redwood highway, rather, santa cruz highway is the best alternate but the left lane is blocked and tow truck is on the scene trying to get that out of there, you are looking at 49 minutes from scotts valley to the san jose area. elsewhere, we will look at early accident we were showing you, it is now clear and the traffic or the accident is pushed off to treasure island, so you are crawling along on the incline from before the accident scene. behind the toll plaza metering lights are on so it looks like a grind for the bay bridge a good
6:30 am
15 or 20-minute delay to get to the toll please. >> we start with developing news the search is continuing this morning for the bay area baseball coach wanted for child molestation. from san leandro, we veto more on the allegations. >> police came here to triple play batting cages in san leandro, the owner they came looking for. he was not here. he is 52-year-old joel kaufman, the head cope of the california smoke a traveling baseball team from shows. he is wanted for three felony and two misdemeanor counts of molesting a boy between 2005 and june of last year and another misdemeanor for allegedly videotaping another child while the boy was in the bathroom. police say they did arrested him in july but the charges were not filed because the investigation was ongoing. he is the owner of triple play a
6:31 am
batting cage facility, and parents were stunned to hear about this. >> something like this is rather shocking. absolutely shocking. it is unacceptable. i hope the charge aren't true. >> it is surprising but we hear it now the times with teachers and people in positions of responsibility and authority. it is awful. >> he has a home here but it was quiet yesterday when we stopped by. neighbors say they don't really know him. he keeps to himself, they say. police say joel kaufman attempted suicide last summer after the arrest. he also has coached at local high schools in palo alto and oakland and police suspect this could be other victims they democratic know about. they are asking other victims to, please, come forward or anyone with information, to please report it to police.
6:32 am
live in san leandro, i am amy hollyfield, for abc7 news. >> two pedestrians are recovering in san francisco after a car hit them in san francisco. it happened at the intersection west portal avenue and vicente street, a man and woman were in the crosswalk when they were hit. but one says one of the victims is critically injured. the driver stayed at the scene and dense fog may have played a role. in san francisco people are waking up without power. a power line fell and caught a utility pole on fire shortly before 2:00 ap. -- before 2:00 a.m. leaving 3,500 customers without power. pg&e says that number is down to 1630 and they specific the power will be restored to everyone by 10:00 this morning. >> on the peninsula, police
6:33 am
officers were be at a high school after threats were posted on facebook. a school would administers confessional page saw a rambling threat against the school if today. police will not specify what the threat was. investigators say they do caught in believe it is serious because most serious threats are not posted in advance on popular online forums. >> right new in the middle east, president obama remains after completing a joint news conference with palestinian authority president abbas. president obama says he wants it hear from both palestinians and israelis on what it will take to restart the peace talks. >> my main message today is the same message i'm conveying in israel, we cannot give up. we can nut give up on the search for peace no matter how hard it is. >> president obama will return to jerusalem later today for a speech to israeli college
6:34 am
students. >> the scene of a faith swat stand off in vallejo that forces dozens of people out of their homes yesterday afternoon define police and an armed man holed up inside a house on sutter and indiana. neighbors say the man came to this home for money. the couple who owns the house had cared for him in the past but were not there. when police arrived he ran into the house. >> they came in closer, come out with your hands up. well not hurt you. then they started shooting, bam, bam, bam, bam. we were scared. >> police say the man poked a shutdown out the window and fired. several officers fired back and the man was found dead in the house when they went in finally. >> new details on the family fund for two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. the family fund has raised more
6:35 am
then $308,000. the two were killed by a suspect they were trying to we last month. swat officers killed that man. if you would like to make a donation go to our website at and click on "see it on tv." >> ahead, the luxury retailer with bay area stores admitting they misrepresented some products to customers. >> it was first politicians and now pedestrians, or pediatricians, rather, weighing in on same-sex marriage. the impact they say it will have on children. >> here is a live look outside, we have the bay bridge toll plaza backed up there. sue hall knows where and will tell you in a couple of minutes at
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>> 6:40 on thursday morning. we will look at the winds because they will be a factor in
6:38 am
the afternoon. they will pick up but right now they are calm to seven miles per hour. not much of an issue this morning but just strong they have chased thing for away and brought in dry air. that is why we will be mostly sunny today. low to mid-60's through the bay shore. little warmer inland and mid-to-upper 60's and breezes are fastest at the coast where it is coolest. headed through tomorrow it will be breezy with a lot sunshine and two to six degrees warmer than today and high clouds and sunshine and steady temperatures for the weekend. sue? >> we are going back to the santa cruz mountains, everyone. this is a role problem out there for a while an accident blocking the right lane, pardon me, left lane. the right lane is partly blocked. you can see we are looking at very slow traffic and it is a long line from before the summit and all the way extended back, you can see bumper to bumper, a good 40 minutes to get from scotts valley up and over the summit into the san jose area.
6:39 am
this is your alternate, and old santa cruz highway is not a good alternate but that is the best we can offer you. you can see this free on apple app and google play, northbound 17 before the redwood estates is where the accident is located and into san francisco at van ness and golden gate we have first reports of an accident, san francisco p.d. is en route. >> new this morning a respected pediatrician's group is weighing in on the well-being of children raised by gay parents, the american academy says that a stable, parental relationship can produce healthy, well adjusted children regardless of the parents' sexual orientation. the online report says the outcomes are similar with gay or straight parents as long as they are nurturing, financially and emotionally stable and the academy say they waited to release the report before the supreme court considers two gay marriage cases next week.
6:40 am
>> luxury retailer niemann marcus reveals a mistake they made with some of their customers. the dow is off 67 points. we will go to the new york stock exchange in a couple of minutes. >> a
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6:42 am
>> petaluma, and los altos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we will check with a look at what coming up on "good morning america" in 15 minutes. >> good morning, paula. >> great to be with you on this thursday morning. coming up on "good morning america" we have more on the massive manhunt underway in colorado a story we know you have been covering and
6:43 am
monitoring closely, the head of the state prison was gunned down at the front doorstep on tuesday night. we are hive from monument, colt come, with the latest. >> results from a clinical trial on cancer have stunned the medical world. a patient cancer free after eight days. we will have the latest on what could be a breakthrough treatment. attention all coffee drinkers, and anyone who works in morning television, there is something new on the market calls "death wish coffee" putting 200 percent more caffeine in your mug than an ordinary coffee shop cup of i don't and i had a little bit and i felt a pulse in my forehead but it is working! >> and we talk about fergie's pregnancy. i will sends "death wish coffee"
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your way. >> we will take it paula. >> you will only need one drop. >> neiman marcus has a fake fur fiasco, the high end retailer store was selling faux fur that was, in fact, real fur. they said two retailers were supposedly selling fake fur that was fur, actually, rabbit, and possibly mink and the stores have researched a settlement with the federal trade mission, animal lovers who thought they bought fake fur are unhappy and peta says the line before real and fake are blurry in recent years. >> a new milestone for bay area youtube, saying more than a billion people now are visiting the site each month putting youtube in the same league as facebook for watching from cat videos do political protests
6:45 am
bay area stocks are getting attention on wall street. >> for anyone who has tried to sneak in a quick catnap. >> live from the new york stock exchange, jane? >> good morning, we will start with redwood city stir based oracle, a drop if hardware and software sales as customers transition to web-based instead. in palo alto, h.p., the biggest pc maker is boosting their acquisition strategy. existing home sales and at the top of the hour, for february, a report in zillow shows home prices continue to strengthen last month with prices in san francisco up almost 19 percent compared to a year ago. nation-wide, it is still a problem and weekly unemployment claims were up, slightly.
6:46 am
so far this morning we are under a bit of pressure today with the dow down 15 or 16 points and the silicon valley index is down about 1.5 percent and you can see the oracle news weighing on the oracle index. you can scan products at walmart and sink that information at a self check out so i do not have to unload the cart to pay, which is available only on apple devices and a walmart spokesman said there will be a droid investigation. feel sleepy on the job? the society for human resource management says that 6 percent of workplaces had nap rooms up from 5 percent in 2010 and a separate study from the sleep foundation reports that 34 percent workers say employers allow naps and 1 percent have designated napping areas coming from the unemployment firm challenger gray and christmas.
6:47 am
not too many 9 to 5 jobs any morning so napping is more acceptable. >> just get the job done. >> 6:49, breaking news from southern california, at pacific palisadeses, the pacific coast highway they have experienced a mudslide blocking the northbound lanes, the chop -- c.h.p. says there are rocks and mud and lawn furniture that tumbles down. northbound is blocked right now and caltran trues are assisting the city with cleaning things up. >> the slide occurred just below a mobile home park and you can see dirt, debris, and lawn furniture from a mole home so well watch this but mudslide which has not been rainy if them, obviously. >> here is mine with our weather. >> very dry here as we look at live doppler 7 hd we will talk about how to put the rain gear away for a while and we will
6:48 am
have a chance of rain not for another week. beautiful picture from sutro towers downtown to the east bay hills, it is friction -- 46 in oakland, and cooler in correct at 41 and mill valley is cooler at 40, and 87 around h.p. pavilion we will get the ncaa tournament going, 38 in santa rosa and 40 in napa, and los gatos is 43 and livermore at 48. today it will be mostly sunfully and breezy near bodies of water and clear and cooler tonight. we have high clouds and mild temperatures this weekend. a beautiful picture from emeryville, just a nice softness of the impending sunrise against the lights of the overnight hours, temperature is two degrees warmer-than-average in livermore and one in napa and everyone else is the same at one to two degrees cooler and
6:49 am
typical march day, early spring, and cold front moves away and high pressure taking over the void that it left and the difference between the two is creating a pressure grading so it will be breezy and dry as the breezes bring in the dry air. mid-60's in the south bay to upper 60's at san jose, and mid-50's on the peninsula and millbrae is 59. mid-50's along the coast today with sun and let 60's in downtown and south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley and upper 50's at your beeps and low-to-mid 60's on the beach bay shore and as we look at what will happen away the entire state it is quiet and upper 60's to low 70's through the central valley. we will have more 30's i land, so colder when you step outside tomorrow, and low do mid 40's for the bay and the coast and with the breezes tomorrow two to six degrees warmer and high clouds and sunshine and temperatures are steady through the weekend and clouds gather monday but it is not until
6:50 am
tuesday and wednesday when the cooler weather and a chance for rain arrives. >> good morning, mechanic, -- good morning, everyone, an accident has been on seen for an hour right here you can see the traffic is backed off from before the glenwood cut off and there is a 51-minute drive from scotts valley to the san jose area and tow truck just arriving on the scene. back to san francisco, an accident reported from the san francisco police at van ness and golden gate. 580 from the central valley, and 17 and 51 minutes to san jose, and 80, the east shore freeway is under 20 minutes. walnut creek, bumper to bumper southbound 680 to the 24 junction. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news returns after the
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6:53 am
>> as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. police are searching for a long time baseball coach wanted on an arrest warrant for molestation charms in con-- contra costa county. >> president obama is in the west bank this morning meeting with palestinian president abbas. at a snuck ambassador -- at a news conference, obama said three is committed to finding peace. >> and the d.a. is accusing council members in oakland of violating city rules. the audit claims they tried to illegal swing a $2 million contract to a company they know. >> major milestone for iraq, 50 years ago today that the alcatraz federal penitentiary closed forever at alcatraz.
6:54 am
today there is a special exhibit, former residents and gars expected to attend. >> march madness is going today, with st. mary's playing memphis in auburn hills, michigan, at 11:private and cal gets started at h.p. pavilion get unlv. >> go, bears. >> picked them to win, so, good luck. >> ten mile visibility and everyone is unlimited right now. good news. sunny and reesey and mid-50's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest. >> metering lights are on and traffic to the macarthur maze and the santa cruz mountains, you can see the backup to laurel road, a big jam up at redwood estates. >> we continue with news,
6:55 am
weather, and traffic during "good morning america" next. >> and another live look at the pacific coast highway and the northbound lanes are blocked with trafficking being diverted off with boths for over 75 years people have saved money with... ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 years...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me.
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and tracking a killer.
6:58 am
a massive manhunt right now for the gunman who took out one of the top prison officials in the country. ringing the doorbell, shooting him in front of his wife. this morning, big questions. was it revenge? 911 shocker. >> he's inside the house. >> he's inside? >> he's inside the house. >> a terrified 15-year-old hiding from robbers during a frightening home invasion. crouching in her parents' closet with the thieves just steps away. now, her mother speaks out about her daughter's bravery. >> buzzkill. is the world's strongest coffee even safe to drink? the man behind the new blend the man behind the new blend called death wish speaks out. how his brew stacks up against your morning joe. have you ever been seduced by a burger before? >> and here's to you, burger buff. heidi klum in a sizzling new ad hoping to seduce food fans everywhere. hello, mrs. robinson. too sexy or is it smart?
6:59 am
♪ heaven holds a place -- and we do say good morning, america. on this thursday morning, i tell you, george knows when to take some time off, spring break. >> got to be warmer than we are. that's for sure. >> good to have josh with us and paula faris, as well and, you know we have so much to get to including the president. president obama in the west bank meeting with palestinian leaders now as rockets land just a few miles away. >> which is a problem as those rocks not making it any easier to make his appeal for peace this morning. the president saying that the creation, though, of a palestinian state remains a priority for his administration. >> let's get right to abc's jonathan karl in the west bank this morning where he is traveling, of course, with the president. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning,
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